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What's New in Alternate Universe

New information about the game world will be posted below:

Increased financial activity Friday 29th March 2013
A marked increase in financial activity has been noticed by the Sigma Station Core and other AIs. They will be on the lookout for any irregularities or attempts to manipulate the market.
Constellation Network introduces return ticket to Isis! Thursday 21st March 2013
In a move sure to agree with players in these financially hard-pressed times, the Constellation Network have introduced return tickets between Isis and Sigma Station for 800 credits, saving 200 credits over the price of two one-way single tickets.
Page reinstated! Saturday 9th March 2013
The forum seems to have disappeared. Anyone seen it? We'll use this page again for now.

Rumour has it that lizardly noises have been heard coming from the Sigma Signal offices again, prompting speculation that a new issue of The Sigma Signal might be on its way...
Page discontinued. Saturday 13th December 2003
These postings will now continue in the new online player forum.
Telescope search begins Tuesday 1st July 2003
The telescope in the Sigma Station observatory has been upgraded. The first player to find an object that is not listed (on the notepad in the observatory) gets to name it!

Note that these objects may well turn into new areas of AU in the future.
Bad players go to Jail Friday 9th May 2003
In a recent security review, it was noticed that the level of violence to robots and androids aboard Sigma Station has increased. Measures are being taken to stop this. A jail will be built near the 'Lost + Found' room, and the patrol robot will have the power to arrest players that repeatedly commit crimes. The length of jail sentences will depend on the number and severity of the crimes committed.
Major Bugfix Tuesday 15th April 2003
Apologies to all new players that could not use the emergency button in the crashed spaceship near the beginning of the game - a repair bot was dispatched and has now sorted out the problem with a bit of rewiring. All other devices/mechanisms have been checked as a precaution.
Timezone Change Sunday 30th March 2003
The UK, where Alternate Universe is based, has now switched from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to BST (British Summer Time), which means that MUD time is now 1 hour ahead of where it was before. This means that things like the treasure hunt will happen an hour earlier than last week, relative to your clock.
Treasure Hunt + Ticket Prices Wednesday 19th March 2003
From next Monday (24th March) we will be running a weekly treasure hunt in Alternate Universe. More information is available here.

In response to increased demand, ticket prices to/from Isis (aboard Hermes) have fallen dramatically to $500 each, from $1,100 each.
Maps! Monday 17th February 2003
Thanks to Scribe's brilliant suggestion, we now have maps in AU.

Following the same principles as the telescope images, you can now find image codes on some maps (e.g. in the sigma station terminus) which can be entered into the AU website's map page in order to view the map image.
Site update Monday 10th February 2003
As avid observers will have noticed, the layout of the Alternate Universe website has been undergoing some changes over the last couple of weeks. Changes to the game world will be posted here.
Building restored Wednesday 29th January 2003
Building priviledges have now been restored.
Murder Mystery Solved! Monday 27th January 2003
See the most recent issue of the Sigma Signal for the latest news.

Note to Builders: Building priviledges will be restored shortly.
Murder Mystery aboard Sigma Station Monday 13th January 2003
See the most recent issue of the Sigma Signal for the latest news.

Note to Builders: Building priviledges have been revoked for the duration of the mystery, to prevent you having an unfair advantage.
Peace Delegations to Arrive Sunday 12th January 2003
In-game news:

The peace delegations from Xylan are about to arrive on Sigma Station. Extra security measures will be posted as a result, and players are therefore advised to remain alert over the next few days.

New Play Monday 16th December 2002
Performances of "Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare have started in the Grand Hall. They will recur at 12am, 4am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm, GMT (MUD time). Entrance is free.

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