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Telnet Applet

This page contains an experimental Java telnet client for Alternate Universe. If you have Java, you will see a large grey rectangular area further down the page as the applet loads. If the applet doesn't load, and you are sure you have Java installed, then the MUD may be offline.

Applet functions

Right-clicking on the applet will bring up an options dialog, where you can set font face, size, colours, weight (bold/plain), and pop the applet out into a separate window.

Known bug: If you pop out the applet, then change the font size/weight and find large white areas obstructing the telnet display, try resizing the window.

Note: If you close or browse away from this page while you are using the applet, it will disconnect you.


You do not appear to have Java installed on your computer. To get Java, please install the Java VM from Sun Microsystems.

Please email informative bug reports, with (zipped) screenshots, to


This applet was written by John Montgomery, with some adaptations by Duncan Jauncey.