The Sigma Signal

Volume II, Issue 9
"If it didn't happen, we'll report it anyway."

Bar Sigma Reopens as Geiger Rising
Following months of remodeling work, the popular watering hole on Sigma Station that was formerly known simply as 'Bar Sigma' has reopened under the new name 'Geiger Rising.' Management proudly announced the installation of new equipment and a new, more gregarious bartender.

In keeping with the broader cultural theme of the new establishment, the new decor includes artwork and artefacts from around the solar system. Hoping to attract a wider audience, a gaming arcade has been opened beneath the bar, and a more varied menu is being planned.

Euphrates Books Officially Open
Scribe and Sons has officially opened Euphrates Books in the shopping arcade in Biodome A on Isis. Come enjoy wine and cheese, choco-emo fish, refreshments and good books in a relaxing atmosphere. Books are available to browse and/or purchase.

Planet Deemed Worthy of Further Exploration
After examining data gathered from unmanned probes, station astronomers have announced plans for further exploration of a recently discovered distant planet. In order to facilitate research reporting, the planet has been given a name - Edyne. Data gathered from the planet, formerly designated AS25-04T, have revealed the possible presence of an atmosphere and oceans.

Station astronomers have planned further unmanned probes in the immediate future, with manned exploration likely in the future.

News in Brief
A new social trend has cropped up on board Sigma Station -- following! Groups of residents have recently been spotted following bots, and each other, around the station and the biodomes on Isis. New residents might find this helpful in finding their way around.

New residents of Sigma Station are welcome to submit original stories and artwork to the Signal for publication. The editors reserve the right to pre-approve any material submitted.

Station officials have categorically denied any knowledge of the rumoured construction of a combat arena anywhere in the vicinity of Xylan or Isis by a private group.

Treasure hunt winners

Congrats to recent hunt winners bhamber, scribe, reyvn and sturmhak. New resident sturmhak has put together an impressive run of three wins in a row, tying former treasure hunt champ matrix.

Classified Advertisements

Any player can send in messages to be displayed in this classifieds section. Your messages can be advertisements, personal messages, times to meet up, stuff you want to sell, or anything you like.

Please MUD-mail your messages to tregina.

Cost: 5 credits per word

[Note: the editor reserves the right to refuse to publish inflammatory or obscene messages.]
Budding authors wanted!

Fancy seeing your name in print? Want to get paid for words? Soon-to-open Euphrates Books seeks to promote work by up and coming writers of all kinds. Any subject considered. Please contact Scribe if interested.

Contributing articles
Contributary articles for The Sigma Signal should be submitted to The editor reserves the right to make changes to submitted articles. (If you wish, you can request content approval when you submit the article so that you see the final version before it goes to print.) The editor also reserves the right to reject articles that have not been spell-checked!

Good submissions will earn you many credits and the coveted rank of Reporter or Journalist inside Alternate Universe.

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