The Sigma Signal

Volume II, Issue 8
"If it didn't happen, we'll report it anyway."

Cirrus Cleaning Opens New Branch
Commercial maintenance conglomerate Cirrus Cleaning Co. has opened a new branch on Isis. They will be responsible for cleaning and maintenance in Isis Terminus and Biodome A.

They have opened an office near the hospital on Isis and have taken over some storage near the residential areas.

Cirrus Cleaning has announced the hiring of an advanced generation cleaning bot. He will be in charge of cleaning and maintenance in Isis Terminus.
Probes Launched
Station astronomers have announced their decision to further investigate a previously reported deviation in the motion of a distant star. In an effort to detect whether or not the wobbling motion of the star indicates the presence of a heretofore undiscovered planet, astronomers will be launching a series of unmanned probes to examine the star (at this time known simply by the designation AS25-04T) more closely.

If the data collected are deemed to be of sufficient merit, manned probes may be launched as a follow up.
News in Brief
Several residents of Biodome A on Isis have reported sighting a figure in a spacesuit travelling across the surface of the moon towards the crater located to the east of the biodome. Since the use of spacesuits on Isis is carefully regulated, it is uncertain who may have made their way to the surface. These reports remain unconfirmed by Biodome officials.

Cygnus Construction announced they have been awarded the building contract from the Isis provisional governor to rebuild and re-outfit the old shipyards on Isis. Officials refused to comment on reports that Cygnus may also be preparing to do work on the Isis monorail system.

Rumours of a cloaked Riddler in hydroponics have surfaced again. New reports of the elusive figure have begun to filter in again after a period of apparent silence.

Treasure hunt winners

Congrats to hunt winners murina, scribe and jeremy.

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Budding authors wanted!

Fancy seeing your name in print? Want to get paid for words? Soon-to-open Euphrates Books seeks to promote work by up and coming writers of all kinds. Any subject considered. Please contact Scribe if interested.

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