The Sigma Signal

Volume II, Issue 7
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

Rebellion Builds for the Future
Talented Station resident Rebellion has joined the ranks of the builders. It might come as a surprise to some to know that he is not a builder by trade but rather was trained as a warrior. He hails from outside the Zanyck system, from, in his words, "a planet in a totally different system, although I am human. It's a very military-orientated planet, and I am forbidden by our law to tell you its name."

Rebellion says that he and fellow space marines were manning the gun decks of a military vessel when they were attacked by enemy laser fire. The ship he was travelling on was brought down on the surface of Xylan. Some of his comrades were picked up by scouting craft, although he says he and two of his fellow marines wandered the surface for several days, living off of supplies they found in various crashed ships. Unfortunately, Rebellion reports that his companions perished in a skirmish with enemy troops on the surface, although they were able to defeat their attackers in the process. He managed to survive by finding a rescue pod on a crashed ship.

When he arrived on Sigma Station, he learned that his people's attack ships had left the system, so he says he "decided that I would take up a new profession here." Apparently his harrowing experiences have moved him to create, as he has proven to be a prolific and imaginative builder. He recommends that anyone interested in taking up building should "follow your imagination and trust in it." He himself has stated his plans for the future include "to help with the exploration of new planets, and the construction of new colonies on those planets."
Labour Dispute Settled
A last minute settlement between management and workers averted a possible strike by staff members of the Sigma Signal. The current issue of the Signal was delayed as staff writers filed an intent to walk out of their offices unless they were paid for their work on the previous issue.

Management insisted that the tardy paychecks were an oversight and that the writers were overstating the salary issues to divert attention from the fact that they had absolutely no material prepared for the new issue by the time their deadlines approached.
News in Brief
We are pleased to report that several residents have recently spotted Gwendolyn in the halls of Sigma Station. Her contributions to building on the station have been missed. We wish her well and hope to see more of her in the months to come.

Architect Barnoid announced that a recent upgrade to Core hardware has been completed. The upgrades should contribute to smoother communications and improved security for Station residents.

In response to a recent poll, readers indicated they would like to see a newbie column from Wedgefreak. Wedge's new column will be debuting shortly.

Treasure hunt winners

Congrats to hunt winners Jeremy and Scribe.

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