The Sigma Signal

Volume II, Issue 6
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

Scribe Named Architect
In a brief ceremony onboard Sigma Station, Scribe was promoted to "Architect," only the second station resident to be so named. (He gleefully comments "Arrrrchitect - for some reason it's one of those words that I find quite fun to say...")

Scribe issued the following statement in reaction: "I must say the promotion (I guess you could call it that? Perhaps "progression" is a better word) was rather unexpected - but an extremely pleasant surprise at that, and I must take the opportunity to offer my thanks to everybody else, without whose support, criticism, suggestions and beta-testing there would be no AU to architect in the first place. I'm looking forward immensely to continuing to let AU evolve in its own unique way, and glad to be part of a team of such fine space travelers and travelettes... Finally, I'd like to just mention that I'll do my best to not let titles and fame go to my head - I'll always be Scribe first, Architect second."

Architects Barnoid and Scribe have mentioned plans to go into business together.
In the last two years, over 2,000 refugees from the war on Xylan have been rescued and transported to Sigma Station. Some have made Sigma their home base, some have continued on to Isis, but the great majority have departed, never to be seen again. While the staff and residents of Sigma Station are happy to help everyone, the question in many minds remains, "How can Sigma Station encourage more of these refugees to stay on and help build up the population of residents, workers and potential scientists on the station?"

Station beta-tester Obiwan has raised the suggestion that a program of advertising might prove effective. He also raises a valid point "if Sigma Station is to grow and develop, it is vital that long time residents work to establish helpful relationships with new residents in order to encourage them to stay on."

What further programs can be developed to encourage new residents to stay on and help our station grow? The Editorial Staff would like to hear from you, our readers, on your opinions.
News in Brief
Station astronomers have detected what they describe as a "wobble" in the motion of a distant star that may indicate the possible presence of a planet. Research will continue and any further developments will be reported here.

New author Jeremy has finished his first book. He is currently looking for a publisher.

Beta Tester Wedgefreak is considering writing a newbie column or a question and answer column for the Signal. We would like you hear what you, our readers, think of the idea and which type of column you would like to see. Mud mail Tregina with your opinions.

Treasure hunt winners

Congrats to hunt winners Tregina (despite her claims of retirement), Barnoid, Scribe and Matrix.

Classified Advertisements

Any player can send in messages to be displayed in this classifieds section. Your messages can be advertisements, personal messages, times to meet up, stuff you want to sell, or anything you like.

Please MUD-mail your messages to tregina.

Cost: 5 credits per word

[Note: the editor reserves the right to refuse to publish inflammatory or obscene messages.]
Information Requested

Jeremy is writing a book about people infomation. If you have info to send, please do, thanks.

Contributing articles
Contributary articles for The Sigma Signal should be submitted to The editor reserves the right to make changes to submitted articles. (If you wish, you can request content approval when you submit the article so that you see the final version before it goes to print.) The editor also reserves the right to reject articles that have not been spell-checked!

Good submissions will earn you many credits and the coveted rank of Reporter or Journalist inside Alternate Universe.

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