The Sigma Signal

Volume II, Issue 5
"If it didnít happen, weíll report it anyway."

Scheduled Events Back Online
After extended periods of troubleshooting, the technical staff of Sigma Station was able to locate the source of the problem that had caused extensive failures throughout the Station and across Isis. The Station Commander was proud to announce that due to the hard work of scribe, all scheduled events and transportation are now functioning properly. This includes the shuttle Hermes, the monorail on Isis, the share trading terminals and the weekly treasure hunt.

Although the source of the problem was located and corrected, no one is certain how the circumstances that led to the disruptions came about. The interdependency of the various systems on both Sigma Station and Isis, however, seemed to ensure that once those circumstances came into being, the consequences cascaded over a wide area. The technical staff report that some key code in the Stationís Core has been refined to take those circumstances into account if they arise again in the future.
Enterprising Isato Seeks Business
New Station resident isato is a recent arrival from the planet Licen. He says he was born on the continent of Chiba on Licen, "one of the rare humans found on Licen." The planet Licen is mainly populated by a race of cat-like beings called Nekos. Isato says he is part Neko, "My father was the Neko and my mother was a human," however, he does "not have a tail, ears, or the fur" of a full-blooded Neko.

Isato is a social being who says he enjoys going out and having a drink with friends. He may also be interested in joining a guild. He says one of his greatest strengths is that he is smart enough to get himself out of most situations, which is apparently how, in his own words, "I got out of trouble after being caught stowing away in the luggage bay of the [space]ship that brought us to the Station."

In the meantime, his goal is to make money. To that end, he is currently involved in the stock market, and he is also interested in owning a shop. He will certainly go far in whatever enterprise he undertakes.
News in Brief
New station resident Rebellion has been hired as a builder and is engaged in several exciting projects.

A major breakthrough has been made in subluminal hyperdrive development. The groundbreaking technology will allow ships utilising the new experimental drives to make journeys in about half the time it would take with conventional drives. The command staff of Sigma Station announced that one of the new drives has been installed in the transport Hermes.

Longtime station resident jeremy has announced that he will be retiring from stock brokerage in order to pursue a new career as an author. Investors should contact him via mud mail to settle their accounts.

Though thought dead, mxm has mysteriously reappeared on Sigma Station. His account of where he has been and what he has been doing appears later in this issue.

Treasure hunt winners

Treasure hunts are now back online! Remember to be present onboard the station at 2300 MUD time every Monday.

Letters from readers
Re: Invasion

Well, it seems that since my previous trip they have prepared an army. It would seem they are a hostile race with intentions of an invasion of the station. I would urge you to warn citizens of Sigma. My other discovery is an arsenal. They have got warriors being grown and I was captured when I was there. They tortured me trying to find the weakness of my people. My estimate is an invasion will come in the next few months. Be afraid, Be very afraid....
Classified Advertisements

Any player can send in messages to be displayed in this classifieds section. Your messages can be advertisements, personal messages, times to meet up, stuff you want to sell, or anything you like.

Please MUD-mail your messages to tregina.

Cost: 5 credits per word

[Note: the editor reserves the right to refuse to publish inflammatory or obscene messages.]
Beta Testers Report In

All beta testers are urged to report to the beta testing office near Docking Bay 5 for a new project if they have not done so already.
Beta Testers Wanted

Call for players interested in becoming beta testers - please email DuncanJ for details.

Contributing articles
Contributary articles for The Sigma Signal should be submitted to The editor reserves the right to make changes to submitted articles. (If you wish, you can request content approval when you submit the article so that you see the final version before it goes to print.) The editor also reserves the right to reject articles that have not been spell-checked!

Good submissions will earn you many credits and the coveted rank of Reporter or Journalist inside Alternate Universe.

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