The Sigma Signal

Volume II, Issue 4
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

An Interview with Zaphron
Enthusiastic station resident zaphron has traveled a long distance to get where he is today. He hails from the Betelgeuse system, which he says had vast mines of gold but very little iron, so it [the iron] was cherished more than gold. (According to zaphron, natives of his planet never knew the value of gold on other planets.) Zaphron says he had just finished his schooling and decided to go travelling "somewhere close" when the ship he was on was hijacked and sent into space. Fortunately, he says, "at that moment I was picked up by a ship that my old friend Zaphod owned or had stolen [he is not sure which], but he gave me a ride..."

Strangely enough, when his friend attempted to drop him at a nearby planet, an apparent accident in hyperspace caused the ship to land on Xylan, and he progressed from there. His progress is evident from his membership in the famous 55|\|8 guild on Sigma Station. Zaphron heartily encourages anyone interested to, in his words, "join the super 55|\|8 to fight 734|V| 31337." He also hopes to soon be able to build forts in the aquarium, and is looking for other like-minded individuals who might be interested in doing so. He even generously says he has "a spare underwater suit they can use...don't ask me where I got it, I don't know."

Zaphron is a being of many talents and aspirations as well. He claims he can "swallow a pangalactic gargle blaster in a single gulp and a T-rex egg boiled whole as well." He envisions a time when he will be able to use an area of hydroponics "to sprout small plants with blue flowers, red thorns and purple stems, that on the first and last day of every month that ends with a 'ber,' e.g., December or October, its petals change color to yellow, brown, black, red, green and blue." We all look forward to seeing where his dreams will lead.
Bookshop Makes Good Progress
Those eagerly awaiting the opening of the new bookshop in the shopping arcade on Isis will be happy to hear that "Scribe & Sons" have announced they have made good progress with constructing the shop itself but are currently waiting for their hardware dealer to furnish the necessary "shop furniture."

Scribe himself reports that they "also have a droid in training, plus there are a few legal issues and copyright wranglings to sort out before we are allowed to release some books to the public." Hopefully, this will revive sales of books on Isis, which have been slow but steady up until now. The shop's grand opening will surely be a watershed event for the cultural development of Isis.

The public is obviously ready for such a bookshop, as the announcement that the shop was being built was greeted with much enthusiasm by residents of both Sigma Station and Isis' Biodomes. Tester wedgefreak went so far as to vow to keep vigil in the arcade, wrapped in a purple sleeping bag, until the shop opened. Sadly, he was called away on a dangerous assignment and has yet to return.
Guilds Forming
Another evidence of the cultural and social development on Sigma Station and Isis has been the recent organizing of guilds. The two most active are '734m 1337' and the '55|\|8'. There is not much information available on either guild or their activities. It is fairly easy to observe the rivalry between the two organizations from the comments from a few known guild members, however.

A prominent member of '55|\|8' had this to say: "As the original official AUthentic guild, we are naturally also the most mysterious and most revered. We know many things you can never dream of. Our spirit and our skill know no bound. SSNB will be here forever."

The smaller '734m 1337' seems to also focus on accumulating esoteric knowledge, apparently even aspiring to their own language, as was seen from the recent posting of a link to the so-called "1337 5p34k 63n3r470R."

The guilds are not seen as a threat but have rather been encouraged as a strengthening of the sense of community on Sigma Station.
News in Brief
We would once again like to extend our warm congratulations to the rescue ship Odysseus on the successful completion of a second full year of missions between Xylan and Sigma Station.

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Treasure hunts have been suspended due to current scheduling difficulties.

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