The Sigma Signal

Volume II, Issue 3
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

Matrix Revealed
Observant residents of Sigma Station may have noticed the recent arrival of matrix. Matrix hails from a small planet called Vvarden, which he says he left ‘when I was young, accompanied by a good friend, who'll remain anonymous for the meanwhile.’ Apparently, unfortunately, this unnamed friend was wrongly (in matrix’ opinion) accused of a variety of computer and terminal crimes against [an unknown] station [called] Inne, leaving matrix with, in his words, "no choice but to lead my life alone."

Matrix decided to take to Sigma after he noticed it was still under construction. He feels that his skills lie in "work dedication, a variety of programming techniques, including the writing of a variety of robot software, and construction techniques." He says he previously worked as a construction robot technician, which serves to give him a wide knowledge of several different jobs. As for anyone interested in learning building, especially the specific areas in which he excels, matrix advises, ‘Any budding builders [should] work hard at their outer station construction exams but also learn a variety of the robot AI languages.’

What about his recent string of wins in the treasure hunt? (He won 3 weeks in a row.) Matrix insists that ‘it has nothing to do with the interpretation of the station security system...I have just had large lumps of luck in my life - no skill or talent there.’
News in Brief
Congratulations to mtk1701, Sigma Station’s newest millionaire! The elusive mtk1701 has been unavailable for comment on his plans for his newfound wealth.

For the last few months, station residents have noticed that Patrol Robot 4X1Z has been disappearing for extended periods of time. While no one is sure where he goes or what he is doing, some residents have expressed concern that a few miscreants seem to be getting away with attacks on the bartender and other station personnel in his absence. Other residents are expressing relief at the brief periods of rest from what they claim is harassing behaviour from the diligent patrol bot. (submitted by obiwan)

In a surprising development, station residents mxm and bhamber apparently engaged in a battle to the death, with bhamber emerging victorious. The defeated mxm, on the brink of death, e-mailed the Sigma Signal to inform us of what had occurred. He also included his last will and testament, in which he left his considerable wealth to a staff member. No plans for a memorial service were arranged. (submitted by mxm)

As part of the renovations taking place at the bar on Sigma Station, the popular watering hole has been renamed. The bar will now be known as Geiger Rising. Although the planned festivities leading up to the renaming of the bar drew little attention from station residents, the first quiz night went well. Congratulations to barnoid, the first quiz night winner.

Treasure hunt winners

Rumour has it that barnoid, after succumbing to jeremy's hypnotic stare, stumbled upon a DNA phial whilst chasing around the station thinking he was a scribe-eating duck. Of course, these are just rumours...(submitted by scribe)

We also extend congratulations to new arrival matrix, winner of three treasure hunts in a row! Although we are still wondering how he did it. And congrats to our most recent winner, wedgefreak.
Mxm’s Adventures
You may [have] see[n] that I was missing for a number of months. That is because I have been in the catacombs of Xylan. I have found there is a hostile species of alien living on the surface and they seem to be more technologically advanced than [we are]. They seemed not to be aware of my location, but it seems they may try and attack the station in the near or far future. They use futuristic weapons such as laser swords, sonic blasters and disintegration beams. This is an account and a warning so you know what to expect. Submitted by correspondent mxm. The views expressed are the opinion of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by the Sigma Signal.
Terrorist Warning
Some of you may have been wondering where I have been for the last few months. I can reveal exclusively to the Sigma Signal that I was being locked up by terrorists from Xylan. Yes, the same organisation that recently disabled much of the power grid here. I was a hostage. They tortured me brutally and forced me to be their slave.

I say we must attack these evil tyrants before we all are brutally murdered by the evil terrorists. I saw other civilians of Isis when I was there, but they were so badly beaten that it was impossible to tell who they were. So rise up against evil and save yourselves and your beloved Isis. Submitted by correspondent nikj. The views expressed are the opinion of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by the Sigma Signal.

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