The Sigma Signal

Volume II, Issue 2
"If it didnít happen, weíll report it anyway."

Obiwan Seeks Adventure
Sigma Station Beta tester obiwan recently took a break from his many endeavours to give a brief account of himself. Obiwan says he hails from a location called Middle Earth (apparently not the same as the place other residents call "Earth"). He says "there was a problem on the ship to the Grey other words they kicked me off and I went spiraling through space, then I landed on a planet full of craters".

Middle Earthís loss is Sigma Stationís gain, however. Obiwan feels his talents in combat in general (specifically sword fighting) help him' when I have to fight the other beta testers for control of the newest additions to [Sigma Station]. ' He obviously takes his job seriously and has these words of wisdom for other residents who may be interested in becoming beta testers, "show your interest in the improvement of [Sigma Station] and talk to (Station Commander) duncanj."

Obiwan's plans for the future are many and varied. Among other things, he says he would like to "win the big time in black jack, learn to play yahtzee, [contribute] more ideas to builders... and break into the Core. I would like to fight that huge robot!"
Flame Declines Trappings of Fame
Reclusive flame, Sigma Station's newest millionaire, while declining to be interviewed for this newspaper, has revealed that rather than purchasing or building a large residence, [he?] is rather interested in moving into a large residential block in Biodome A on Isis. Flame is considering using some of [his?] remaining fortune for charitable purposes.
Op/Ed: Is Real Estate the Next Growth Industry on Isis?
Stock market investors may want to reconsider their portfolios in light of current trends in the news. More and more residents of Sigma Station have begun to consider the possibility of transferring their quarters to larger, more spacious residential areas in Biodome A on Isis. Even the normally silent millionaire flame has expressed an interest in the area.

The questions facing both the command staff of Sigma Station and residents considering the move are mainly those of jurisdiction and security. While the exclusive residential areas of Isis are controlled by security gates, the governance of Isis itself is strongly in question, and it is not certain if the political neutrality and the authority of the officers of Sigma Station would extend to cover anyone who might chose to live there.

It is not even clear who or what organization or group owns and operates Biodome A or any of the residences therein. The political and judicial governance of Isis is open to question also. Any resident who may be considering moving to Isis or investing in housing there may be getting in on the ground floor of the next big growth area or they may be headed for trouble. All are advised to research carefully and proceed with caution.

Treasure hunt winners

Congrats to the latest treasure hunt winners, jeremy, doringo, cozza, barnoid and wedgefreak.

Classified Advertisements

Any player can send in messages to be displayed in this classifieds section. Your messages can be advertisements, personal messages, times to meet up, stuff you want to sell, or anything you like.

Please MUD-mail your messages to tregina.

Cost: 5 credits per word

[Note: the editor reserves the right to refuse to publish inflammatory or obscene messages.]
Flame's Words of Wisdom

"He who walks a straight path does not make many turns."

Contributing articles
Contributary articles for The Sigma Signal should be submitted to The editor reserves the right to make changes to submitted articles. (If you wish, you can request content approval when you submit the article so that you see the final version before it goes to print.) The editor also reserves the right to reject articles that have not been spell-checked!

Good submissions will earn you many credits and the coveted rank of Reporter or Journalist inside Alternate Universe.

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