The Sigma Signal

Volume II, Issue 1
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

New Builder ezili Welcomed
Residents of Sigma Station will soon being enjoying the creations of talented builder ezili. Ezili is a native of the planet Earth; however, she feels that she comes from a different or parallel universe than some of the other Earth natives on the station. (She says that ‘with the alien "wild cards" virus spreading around [in her timeline], it was actually quite interesting; but due to some unfortunate circumstances beyond my control, I had to escape from the planet.’)

Ezili learned her crafts of building and creating while hitchhiking around the Universe and paying attention to the different architecture styles. The most impressive aspect of ezili’s work, however, is the great enjoyment that she obviously puts into and gets out of her creations. This shines through in her comments regarding her current projects: "Making something to spring to life before your eyes is quite exciting... If something is enjoyable, it's worth doing; and if you spend a lot of efforts on something you enjoy, there's a good chance others will also like it!"

Ezili is also happy to encourage others to take up building. She enthusiastically reminds any aspiring builders to remember that "it's not a skill which is important - it's how you use it!" It is obvious to observers of her work that she has the necessary skills and uses them well.
Bhamber Saves Station from Mysterious Attack
Last week a large section of the power grid serving much of Sigma Station and parts of Isis was disabled due to an unknown bug. Stock market computers crashed, transport ships were unable to dock and the monorail on Isis ground to a halt as the Core lost control over vital power and transportation systems. The seemingly unrelated events went unnoticed until alert station resident bhamber recognized inconsistencies in the stock markets reports he was receiving in his private quarters. He quickly alerted the necessary authorities, who found the deeper problems upon investigating the report.

Bhamber says he feels proud that he was able to save the station. He also boldly proclaimed that he felt this was not a random event, but rather the work of Xylian political terrorists. When asked if he was worried that he might become a target of the terrorists himself, bhamber forcefully declared, "I will go on record as a major force/threat to be reckoned with in the civil war. They will need more than a bug to take down Sigma Station!"
Mxm Declares Intent to File Lawsuit
Upon hearing reports that wedgefreak is planning to open a vending business on Sigma Station, entrepreneur mxm issued a heated protest, contending that the idea for this business was originally his. He expressed his disappointment with the situation, saying, "Quite frankly, I am appalled, as I expected more from a thing of his or its stature..."

Mxm wants to present his case in a trial before the Station Commander as soon as possible, and he has declared his intent to file a lawsuit seeking the sum of about 50 000 credits (or possibly more depending on the likely success of this business) in damages. He feels that the evidence is strong in support of his side of the case. He apparently will be representing himself in this matter, as he mentioning that he is thinking of becoming a lawyer.

Mxm has this last comment to offer to wedgefreak, "If he can't think of anything then perhaps I could help him out. I think that he could run a casino, or I could pitch some other ideas for him or others just to help out..."
Rumour Confirmed
It seems that the rumours surrounding millionaire tickenest’s new mansion are true. Apparently, the fabulous 40-room building and grounds have been built on Isis, and the entrance to the grounds will accessible from the new monorail stop at Biodome B when tickenest finally takes up residence.

Treasure hunt winners

Congrats to this month’s treasure hunt winners, jeremy, ezili and flame.

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