The Sigma Signal

Issue 8
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

The Elusive Jeremy Speaks Tregina
Over the last 6 months, Sigma Station has been home to an entire family of shape-shifters from a mysterious planet called "Earth". When asked for details about their home planet, the family’s youngest member, jeremy, would only say that is was "far away".

Although jeremy is well known for frequently changing his appearance, his mother, geegeejojo, and his grandmother, jejnkb, seem content to hold the same form for longer periods of time. The entire family is extremely private; I was only able to speak with jeremy briefly.

jeremy says that he and his family left their home planet in search of new things and that his goal is to become rich. (His mother, geegeejojo, is already well on her way to accomplishing this goal; she was one of the winners of a large reward for assisting in solving the murder of Ambassador Inte several weeks ago.) He also enjoys the diversity of the space station, saying he likes all of the different beings who live here. Perhaps it is this enjoyment of diversity contributes to his constant changes in appearance. And since he says he is a quick learner, as more beings come to the station, we can surely look forward to even more changes.

News Headlines in Brief Tregina

Ticket Prices Lowered

Constellation Networks have announced that ticket prices on the transport Hermes between Sigma Station and Isis have been reduced to $500 each way in response to increased demand and a local decrease in the price of fusion fuel.

Treasure Hunt Begins

Beginning on March 24, there will be a treasure hunt every Monday night at 23:00 GMT. The first resident to find the random object hidden and pick it up will be that week’s winner. (There will be no need to bring the object to a certain location to win.) A page on this website will record the winners in a 'Hall of Fame'.

Storms Engulf Xylan

Orbiting weather satellites have spotted what appears to be a giant dust storm in the uninhabited western hemisphere of Xylan. Meteorologists will continue monitoring the phenomenon according to a spokesbeing from the Zanyck Weather Service.

New Advice Column Tregina
Any sentient residents of Sigma Station and Isis, including AI and robots, are invited to submit requests for advice or help with problems to dreamscaper at her MUD mail or in care of this newspaper. She will be answering your questions in her advice column in the future.

Shock Share Slide Duncanj
Just prior to publishing, we are receiving reports of a slide in shares on the Alternate Universe stock market. Some sources close to the markets are speculating that it is due to concern over a possible escalation of hostilities on Xylan. An anonymous representative of the Constellation trading network gave a very opportunistic viewpoint: "Whatever the reason, with prices this low, there has never been such a good time to buy shares!", and with that, he rushed off to find the nearest trading terminal.

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