The Sigma Signal

Issue 7
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

Someone You Should Know Tregina
After reading the security reports from our last issue, you the reader might have found yourself asking "Who is this scribe person anyway?" It was this reporter's distinct pleasure to recently interview Sigma Station's newest Builder in order to introduce our readers to scribe.

scribe is a native of Xylan who left the planet some time ago to travel around the system. Now, though, he claims that "I'm getting old... I can't galavant around like I used to any more," and he has taken up residence on the Station.

Although he has no formal schooling in architecture, scribe's travels have served him well. He says he has had the opportunity to meet some of the great Architects in the system and pick up valuable lessons, although he modestly added, "I think I still have a long way to go."

scribe's travels have also allowed him to have a wider perspective in building, exposing him to a greater variety of ideas. He told me, "I've always been interested in architecture, and how it changes everywhere you go...Personally, I'd like to make innovative, unique expansions, but I don't like things to look too out of place..." He says he has been talking with the Station Commander duncanj and agrees that there is a vast amount of potential for the Station and beyond.

Although he modestly denies it, scribe is also regarded as something of a poet, his work "Ode to Scotch" having become quite celebrated in some circles aboard Sigma Station. It is certainly not difficult to see the poetic side of him in his advice for aspiring builders: "Build with your soul, then with your hands."

News Headlines In Brief Tregina

Teleporters Open

Residents with an excess of credits and a lack of patience can now take advantage of new facilites for teleporting between Sigma Station and the Isis Terminus. The Sigma teleporter is located down the docking corridor, and the Isis teleporter is located just off the main Terminus near baggage reclaim. Prices vary between teleporters, and users should consult fee schedules before using the teleporters.

Airlock Still Sealed

Residents of Isis and the Biodome are reminded that the airlock to the surface of Isis is still sealed and will remain so while terraforming work continues. Spacesuits will not go on sale in the shopping arcade until such time as it is deemed safe to travel on the surface. It is not yet known when terraforming will be finished.

Spaceball Play Still Suspended

Spaceball tournaments are still on hold while officials and technicians continue their efforts to find the glitch that caused robot players to stand still on the pitch during games. No foul play is suspected, and officials hope to resume play shortly.

Rescue Anniversary

The program of rescuing survivors from the surface of Xylan has been successfully operating for one year this month. Congratulations to the rescue ship Odysseus and the staff of Sigma Station.

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