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Xessus Delegate Arrested in Murder of Ambassador Tregina
Acting on information from a variety of sources, a security detail headed by Station Commander duncanj arrested Xessus delegate Chief Kwantos for the murder of Ozmicanan Ambassador Inte. Kwantos was detained late yesterday while attempting to board an unscheduled and unidentified shuttlecraft. Despite his protests that he was merely making a brief trip to Isis, he did attempt to escape custody, and it was only a surprising display of speed and agility on the part of Patrol Robot 4X1Z that prevented Kwantos from eluding security forces. Residents are urged to avoid using the docking areas for a few days while repairs are made.

Twanitz Representative Brevachtin and Ozmicanan Secretary Kmplla have expressed their appreciation for the resolution of the terrible crime and have announced their intentions to focus the peace process on talks between their two delegations. Xessus Minister Vangalonos was unavailable for comment. The Xessus delegation has not been seen on board the station for the past week.

It is unknown how this incident will affect the prospects for a peaceful resolution of the protracted fighting on Xylan, but it is hoped that the Twanitz and Ozmicanan delegations will work together to set a peaceful precedent.

cidmund Claims Top Reward Tregina
Recent arrival cidmund has claimed the 100,000 credit reward for successfully solving the murder of Ambassador Inte. Although a number of station residents actively participated in the investigation, he was the first to come forward with an accurate report of all the necessary information.

Although cidmund is a native of Xylan, he says he did not get involved in the investigation for political reasons. His motive, he says, was "in order to get my name out to the masses. I want the name 'cidmund' to be on the tongue of every man, woman, child and robot of this system." (When it was politely pointed out to him that not every man, woman, child and robot in this system necessarily has a tongue, he graciously offered to use his newfound wealth to personally be sure that tongues are available to all peoples, and all robots.)

cidmund plans to invest in the stock market with the goal of becoming the wealthiest being in the universe. In the meantime, he hopes to use his newfound fame and fortune to better all peoples. cidmund is also considering purchasing a Spaceball team, since "there has been something about that sport that has tickled my fancy, so to speak."

As for advice to others seeking to follow in his footsteps, cidmund leaves these parting words: "To my public, all I can say is, keep working hard at whatever you are doing, and someday, you may be almost as rich, famous and good looking as I."

And to all of the good residents of the station who participated in the investigation, the staff would like to extend our warm thanks for taking part and making this effort the success it was.

Major Rewards:


cidmund 100,000
geegeejojo 80,000
scribe 60,000

Murder Mystery Solution Duncanj
In the interests of the open security policy we have here on Sigma Station, I would like to publish the details of the recent murder case. The following is taken from a report submitted by scribe:

In these dark times, we must not forget who we are. The guilty shall be brough
to justice. I hereby enclose an analysis of my findings aboard Sigma Station.

Initial Locational Evidence on Sigma Station:
1. Brown cloth attached to vent by entrance to the Great Hall.
2. Blood marks within vents leading away from Great Hall to hydroponic forests.
3. Disturbance of plants within hydroponic forest.
4. Appearance of Communicator in Lost & Found office.

Tracing the blood marks through the vents and the forests, I investigated
further into the undergrowth. After some searching, I came across a wooden staff
   of intricate carvings. As of time of writing, this staff is still in place.

I then took the opportunity to take a copy of the messages stored within the
communicator for further analysis. All but one of these were encoded. I enclose
the decrypted messages as Appendix A below. Note that the last of these messages
was encoded using a different encryption key, and that due to apparent data
corruption, errors in the decrypted messages occur.

These messages do not directly reveal the sender. However, from the last, it is
clear that the recipient, and the culprit, was Chief Kwantos. From the messages,
it seems that the Chief lost the murder weapon not long after the murder date.
Furthermore, the order to demand land is in line with the recent Xessus demands
for land transfers as part of the negotiations. The Xessus contingent is also
the only faction not to be mentioned within the messages. Thus, Chief Kwantos
was acting on behalf of Xessus.

Appendix B shows decrypted versions of two MUD Web pages. These were encrypted
with the same key as the majority of the messages in Appendix A. The first,
SURVEY, reveals that a new vein of the previous Fluxite has been discovered not
far from the Xessus/Twanitz border. The second message reveals that mining
activity has restarted on the planet. The dates of these are not known.

 From this, we can surmise that the survey in Appendix B was stolen from Xessus.
In order to prevent the newfound Fluxite vein being mined by others, the Xessus
contingent plotted the framing of the Twanitz deputy, in order to demand the
valued land be handed over. By murdering the Ozmicanan Ambassador, and in return
for support, the Xessusans could rely upon the Ozmicanan support for
negotiations. I suggest that Chief Kwantos, or an accomplice, handed the note to
Deputy Kquans, and that a similar note was given to the Ambassador Inte slightly
earlier. In the time gap that followed, a Xessusan murdered the Ambassador with
the staff, escaped through the vents and discarded the weapon. Had Chief Kwantos
carried this out personally (to ensure results), he would have then had time to
get back to the Great Hall and cry for Kquans' arrest. Note that Kwantos was at
the back of the hall at this point.

Further evidence for this is in the MUD Web.
1. The cloth found by the vent was brown, matching the description for clothing
given for the people of Xessus.
2. The staff was of wood, ornately carved at either end, matching the
hunter/woodsman skills description given for Xessus people.

I suggest Chief Kwantos be tracked down immediately and questioned in light of
this new evidence.

Alas, I wish that this were the end of the matter. I fear now that the three
Xylian factions will only increase the ferocity of their war, concentrating now
on this new discovery of Fluxite. It is in times like these that Sigma Station
must act with dignity, neutrality, and most of all, responsibility. I wish the
best of luck to all of us that must pass through here.

This concludes my findings.



60489 -- We are sending a floor plan of the station including access tunnels.
Plan your route carefully.
60540 -- You must move against the Ozmicanan ambassador quickly.  Our databases
have been entered and we thini the geological survey has been stolen.
60587 -- We have confirmed that the geological survey has been stolen.  Our
sources report it has been posted on the MUD web at  Check the
station's terminals to find out if uhis information is correct.
60632 -- Demand land concessions from the Twanitz delegation.  Support the
Ozmicanan's demands and ask their support for land demands.
60784 -- Yuor previous report is unacceptable.  The weapon musm be found
immediately before one of the station residets stumbles across it by accident.
60792 -- Chief Kwantos  you cre ordered to return to Xylai immediately before
your involvement in the murder of the ambassador iw discovered.



The most recent geological survey of Twanitz has confirme the presence of an
untapped vein of fluxite running in a northeast-southwest direction from
appoximately 32 kilometres north of the border between Twanitz and
Xessus to approximately 2 kilometres north of the border at a dxpth of
roughly 30 metres.  A land hased survey would have to be taken to leurn
greater detail.  Any plans to mine the fluxite would have to be approved by
the Twanitz Upper Council.


NanoMining Corporation is continuing to expand their mining operations on the
surface of Xylan.  Although mineral and other natural resources have hecome
extremely scarce on Xylan, NanoMining is increasing the number of mining
nanobots being sent to the surface.  Matellite images indicate that a huge
fluxite processol has been landcd in Xessus, although there have been ni
active fluxite veins in Xessus for over 39 years.

Again, I would like to express my gratitude to all players who helped collect the information that led to the arrest of Chief Kwantos.
Commander, Sigma Station.

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