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Ambassador Murdered; Negotiations in Turmoil Tregina
In a shocking incident aboard Sigma Station, the Ozmicanan Ambassador Inte was murdered just as the representatives from several warring Xylian factions had gathered for peace talks. Although there is a strong suspect in the case, no arrest has been made pending further investigation.

The following is an eyewitness account of what occurred:

All delegates, representatives, ambassadors, residents were gathered in the Great Hall. The station commander got up to begin the welcoming ceremonies. During the commander's welcoming comments, we saw first Ambassador Inte leave the Hall, then Deputy Kquans leaves a minute later. Almost immediately, we heard an emergency klaxon sound; Patrol Robot 4X1Z entered the Great Hall to announce there was a security emergency in Sector 20.

The crowd poured out of the foyer into the corridor just in time to see Ambassador Inte lying dead on the floor and Deputy Kquans running towards the foyer. Some in the crowd tried to reach out and grab Deputy Kquans. The ambassador's aide, Secretary Kmplla, realizing what had happened, loudly demanded that Deputy Kquans be arrested immediately. Kquans insisted that the ambassador was dead when he found him and that he (Kquans) was just coming back to the Great Hall to report what had happened. Chief Kwantos, from the back of the crowd, loudly challenged that assertion and also called for Kquans' arrest. The crowd grew restless and many began murmuring in agreement.

The station commander had finally managed to fight his way to the front of the crowd and insisted that everyone calm down or he would disperse the crowd. Deputy Kquans explained to the Commander that he received a message in the Great Hall saying that Ambassador Inte wished to speak with him privately for a moment. He showed the commander a crumpled piece of paper. Kquans continued that when he came out of the foyer, he heard a commotion in the corridor. Following the noise, he saw Ambassador Inte struggling with someone but couldn't see whom. Then the ambassador fell to the floor, the unknown figure disappeared, and the patrol bot arrived on the scene and sounded the emergency.

Secretary Kmplla was enraged with such a feeble story and said so, again demanding that Kquans be arrested immediately. The commander responded by saying that since there was no solid evidence that Kquans killed the ambassador, he could not arrest him without a full investigation. At this point the crowd became so rowdy that the commander had to bring in security to disperse them to their quarters.

Ozmicanan Secretary Kmplla has issued a statement saying that his government is holding the station commander personally responsible for bringing the murderer to justice and implied there would be grave consequences if he had not done so in a timely manner.

Xessus head delegate Minister Vangalonos is insisting that the Twanitz delegation, of whom the suspect is a member, give up several land concessions on Xylan as part of the negotiations, insisting that they be made to pay for their member's violent actions since he has not been arrested.

Twanitz Representative Brevachtin refused any comment other than to insist that his Deputy was innocent of the crime of which he has been accused.

It is feared that both the safety and political neutrality of Sigma Station may have been irreversibly compromised by this incident.

The editorial staff of the Sigma Signal is offering a reward of up to 100,000 credits for information leading to the arrest of the murderer before the delegates are due to leave within the next two weeks. To qualify for the full reward, players must correctly identify the murderer, outline the motive, and describe the weapon. Smaller rewards will be issued for early reports of other information.

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