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Monthly News, Issue 5
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

Cygnus Construction Welcomes New Builder Tregina
The Cygnus Construction Company has announced the addition of a new builder, gwendolyn, to their staff. gwendolyn is a fifth generation builder who says she is pleased to be able to continue her family’s long tradition in the building trades. She is a native of the planet Tinto and comes to Sigma Station after the craft in which she was travelling was forced to make an emergency landing on Xylan.

gwendolyn became interested in building at an early age, and she feels she can bring a fresh approach to building work. She promises the new project she is currently working on will be "different and exciting." Her goals for building on Isis are simple and straightforward - "I plan to make quality, original creations for the contemporary citizen."

Theatre Season Begins Tregina
The theatre season opened last Thursday in the Grand Hall on Sigma Station with the premiere performance of William Shakespeare’s "The Tempest." A small crowd gathered to hear Station Commander duncanj’s opening comments. After welcoming the audience, the Commander thanked architect Barnoid for the original inspiration of bringing plays to the Grand Hall theatre.

In his opening remarks, Commander duncanj also announced that this would be only the first of many performances of the works of Shakespeare. He hopes that these performances will encourage the creativity of station residents and privately indicated that aspiring playwrights might submit their personal works to him for possible presentation onstage sometime in the future.

Encore performances of The Tempest will be held starting this week, and other plays will be announced in the future. Anyone interested in attending will be able to consult a schedule of performances posted in the foyer of the Grand Hall. Entrance to all performances is free of charge.

Op/Ed Response Tregina
In the interests of fairness and in order to give equal time to all parties, we are publishing Station Commander duncanj’s response to last month’s Op/Ed column.

Dear Sigma Signal,

I read your Op/Ed piece in the Sigma Signal, Issue 4, with great interest, and I wish to respond to some of the issues you raised:

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to reassure the inhabitants of the Station that they will be at no risk during these peace talks. Security will be stepped up as a precaution, and we will have a number of guards patrolling the corridors, amongst other measures.

Secondly, the Station is the main data relay connecting Xylan to the Constellation Network, so both sides depend on the Station for a number of important functions.

Finally, the unique diplomatic position of the Station allows us to hold negotiations for peace on Xylan - and after so many decades of violence, this opportunity really cannot be missed.

Yours Sincerely,


Station Commander
Sigma Station

Stock Market Report Tregina
The stock market has been trending generally downward, which most stocks losing ground. There has been some speculation that a sluggish start to the Spaceball season has adversely affected sales of suits and equipment which in turn impacted on stock of Braghman and Co.

Despite bearish conditions, Cygnus Construction is projecting a strong fourth quarter, citing its new offices and new staff as indication of increased demand for new building starts. Most other companies and investors seem to be following conservative measures, possibly pending the outcome of the upcoming peace negotiations on Sigma Station.

The market report is sponsored by Matrix Systems communcations and Hi Velocity Sports.

Press Release Barnoid
Cuppa Rust (on Isis) will be undergoing a refit, due for completion in early January. The current facilities will remain open throughout the majority of the work.

News Update - Missing Pilots Spotted Tregina
There have been a number of confirmed reports that missing pilots wedgefreak and obiwan have been seen alive and well aboard Sigma Station. There is as yet no confirmation of where they were or if they were on any type of mission.

These sightings and a refusal to discuss where they have been or what they have been doing has only fueled conjecture that they may have been performing security missions ahead of the upcoming peace delegations

Writers Needed Builders Wanted
Writers needed for authoring pages for the Alternate Universe Mud-Wide-Web. Applicants should have a good grasp of the English language, a sound knowledge of the environment of Alternate Universe and a vivid imagination. Please contact Constellation Networks at, quoting the code CONST-MWW-643. Payment will be awarded on a contract basis, up to 500 credits per page, depending on quality. Contract builders required for construction work within Alternate Universe. The applicant must have a working knowledge of the English language and be able to demonstrate the ability to write good location descriptions. All training will be provided. Please contact the Cygnus Construction Company at, quoting the code CYG-BUILD-348. Payment will depend on contract complexity and will be awarded upon contract completion. Minimum contract value: 2000 credits.

The e-mail address for job applications in last month’s issue was incorrectly reported. The correct e-mail address to submit job applications is We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

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