The Sigma Signal

Monthly News, Issue 4
"If it didnít happen, weíll report it anyway."

Peace Delegation Announced Tregina
In a surprising development, representatives of the normally apolitical Odettian Federation announced that they have convinced members of a number of warring Xylian factions to meet together on Sigma Station for possible peace negotiations. The Odettian Federation has apparently been making efforts to locate the remote bases of the warring factions for some time and was only able to convince them to meet at a neutral location. The delegates will be arriving at the station in the near future at an undisclosed date in the interests of security. An official opening ceremony in the Grand Hall and reception in the bar afterwards are also tentatively planned.

The war on Xylan has been raging for over 50 years now, with the majority of the combatants being battle mechanoids controlled remotely by satellite and/or microwave transmissions from various hidden bases around the system. Although the surface of the planet is inhospitable to most life, its limited supplies of mineral resources are still valued and remain the major source of hostilities on Xylan.

The Odettian Federation, which was formed over 250 years ago as a peaceful coalition of science and business interests, was originally responsible for the launch of Sigma Station and has continued to support the stationís efforts to rescue refugees from the Xylian conflict. Their involvement in efforts for peace on Xylan mark the first time they have actively entered into political endeavors.

Test Pilots Missing in Action Tregina
In sad news, station test pilots Wedgefreak and Obiwan have gone missing. Wedgefreak was last seen on the 19th of last month, when he agreed to an interview for this newspaper. Obiwan has not been seen since the 3rd of last month.

It is not known if they departed the station on personal business or if they left on a Station mission. Search efforts have thus far proved fruitless. Unmanned search drones are continuing their efforts in farther reaches of the system. If any residents of the station make any contact with either pilot, they are requested to report it to Station Commander duncanj.

New Signal Office Open Tregina
The new offices of the Sigma Signal have opened in Biodome A on Isis. Please be advised, however, that although the construction phase of the offices is complete, not all equipment and furnishings have been moved into the offices. Visitors are welcome to drop by the reception area to view the new construction or leave suggestions, comments or a news story.

Op/Ed Tregina
In view of recent events in and around Sigma Station, we of the editorial staff of the Sigma Signal want to express our surprise and concern at Station Commander duncanjís decision to allow these upcoming so-called "peace talks" onboard the Station. With the security of the station severely compromised by the recent attacks on the stationís Core Intelligence, not to mention the unexplained disappearances of two experienced test pilots, it seems reckless at best to believe that delegates from the warring Xylian factions can be kept safe from harming one another or residents of this Station.

Furthermore, what do we really know of the motives of the Odettian Federation? They may have had only the interests of peace through science in mind when they originally formed over 250 years ago, but who knows what goals of the modern generation of Federation members might be? They have never directly involved themselves in political matters in the past, and one wonders why they would suddenly decide to flout their (considerable) influence in bringing the warring factions to this Station.

Although we applaud Commander duncanjís motives in desiring to use his position to promote peace on his home planet, we urge him to reconsider his decision to allow these peace talks aboard Sigma Station.

Writers Needed Builders Wanted
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