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Monthly News, Issue 3
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

New Bot for CuppaRust! Tregina
The CuppaRust outlet at Isis Terminus has just had a brand new bot installed. According to the official press release from Intelligent Machines, the bot features an Evolved Artificial Personality System, the latest technology to emerge from the Intelligent Machines company's labs, which, according to their slogan makes each bot: "your plastic pal who’s fun to be with".

Intelligent Machines further claims that each personality is evolved over many generations, the most suitable being chosen each time. This process is said to lead to more realistic personalities, but apparently the results can be unpredictable. This reporter’s most recent visit to the CuppaRust was certainly the most lively in memory.

Be sure to visit the CuppaRust during your next trip to Isis. But be sure to remember this final comment from the Intelligent Machines press office: "Since this is a new technology, Intelligent Machines would like to apologise in advance for any offence caused by possible unusual behaviour of the new bot."

This article was derived from a press release from Intelligent Machines, written by Barnoid.

Spaceball Scores Tregina
As Opening Day nears at the Spaceball Stadium, a few brave players have taken to the field to test out the new suits and otherwise take their lives in their own hands. Here are the results from a few recent informal matches:
September 21:   RED 4 - 6 BLUE

Red team:  duncanj, dave (bot), kevin (bot)
Blue team: flame, brian (bot), boz (bot)

September 22:   RED 9 - 2 BLUE

Red team:  tickenest, duncanj
Blue team: wedgefreak, flame

Sports scores in the Sigma Signal are sponsored by Hi-Velocity Sports, suppliers of high quality Spaceball equipment (visit our newest location in the shopping arcade in Biodome A, Isis), and Braghman & Co., manufacturers of Spaceball suits and other fine clothing.

Stock Market Report Tregina
Analysts expect the value of Intelligent Machines and other bioengineering companies to rise with today’s announcement of the successful installation of a working android running Intelligent Machines’ new EAPS. Representatives of Braghman & Co. feel confident that the approaching Spaceball season will boost sagging sales figures during the fourth quarter after a disappointing third quarter report.

Continuing labour disputes between workers and Cygnus Construction seem to have left Xylix Corporation’s stock unaffected, but a protracted strike might make itself felt during the fourth quarter.

Market trends continue to defy expectations of analysts and investors, who are warned to invest carefully and are reminded that circumstances affecting stocks can change overnight.

This market report is sponsored by Matrix Systems audio/visual communications.

Your Station Commander Tregina
While most residents of Sigma Station may have caught a fleeting glimpse of him, most have never had the opportunity to speak personally with Sigma Station Commander duncanj. In the interests of maintaining good communications between Command personnel and Station residents, the Commander recently responded to our inquiries about himself.

A native of Xylan, duncanj comes to Sigma Station after 15 years of service in the Low-Orbit Defence Forces. Although he replaced the departing station commander only 8 months ago, he has a clear sense of his duties on Sigma and of his goals for the future of the Station. Station residents can be reassured to know that duncanj takes seriously his duty to provide a safe haven for the refugees from Xylan and to act as judicial authority in criminal cases.

As for his goals for the future, duncanj says he will work to "maintain the security of the station, and to use the political neutrality of the station to help restore peace to the surface of Xylan."

Writers Needed Builders Wanted
Writers needed for authoring pages for the Alternate Universe Mud-Wide-Web. Applicants should have a good grasp of the English language, a sound knowledge of the environment of Alternate Universe and a vivid imagination. Please contact Constellation Networks at, quoting the code CONST-MWW-635. Payment will be awarded on a contract basis, up to 500 credits per page, depending on quality. Contract builders required for construction work within Alternate Universe. The applicant must have a working knowledge of the English language and be able to demonstrate the ability to write good location descriptions. All training will be provided. Please contact the Cygnus Construction Company at, quoting the code CYG-BUILD-344. Payment will depend on contract complexity and will be awarded upon contract completion. Minimum contract value: 2000 credits.

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