The Sigma Signal

Monthly News, Issue 2
"If it didnít happen, weíll report it anyway."

Rescues Continue Tregina
We are pleased to report that according to Core records, over 250 persons have been rescued from the planet Xylan within the six months. Refugees from the war-torn planetís surface continue to trickle into the Station, although it is uncertain how many remain stranded there. We extend commendation to the rescue ship Odysseus for a job well done.

While the majority of the rescued individuals are natives of Xylan, there have been some shipwrecked travelers among those evacuated from the planetís surface. It has been encouraging to note that other planets in the Zanyck system have welcomed these displaced refugees. We also appreciate the small but active number of refugees who have decided to stay on the Station and make it their home. Their presence is making the Station a thriving community with great potential for the future.

Labour Disputes Tregina
In an unlikely development on Isis, it appears that a group of discontented construction robots have decided to form a union and are threatening work stoppage. About 12 bots who have been working on the new shopping arcade in Biodome A were seen yesterday to be meeting with members of the MagLev Operators and Baggage Handlers Local #1759. This progressive union of workers from the Isis Terminus was able to win extensive privileges for its members after short work stoppages a few months ago.

It is uncertain if or when any new work stoppages would take place or how this would affect the new construction in Biodome A. Neither representatives of the MLO-BH nor the Cygnus Construction Company were available for comment.

New Architect Appointed Tregina
Our warm congratulations are extended to Barnoid, who was recently appointed Architect. Barnoid is a sentient shade of blue from the planet Xylan. In a recent interview, he shared his reasons for taking up architecture: "Well, I have a desire to build grand, yet functional structures... I also like to make my mark on the world."

Barnoid received his degree in architecture from the University of Xessus on Xylan and has been carrying on extensive design and building work on Isis. Some of his creations can be viewed in the Isis Terminus and Biodome A. We were also alerted to be on the watch for exciting developments in the CuppaRust outlet there.

Barnoidís parting exhortation for aspiring architects is "Imagination is the limit, no structure is too grand for the alternate universe!"

SpaceBall Opening Ceremony Approaches.. Tregina
The SpaceBall Dome on Isis is nearly complete, and official play will commence soon. The Office of the Commissioner of Spaceball has released some information for anyone interested in participating in this exciting sport.

Any being interested in playing may participate in a "friendly game" with any other beings while the stadium is empty (androids may fill in any empty spots). Official games will be played at announced times and will be opened by an official referee. An announcement will be made when official play begins.

Those interested in forming their own teams must submit an application to the Commissionerís Office in care of the Editor of this newspaper. Applications should include names of team members (each team may have up to but not more than 5 members) and the proposed name for the team. Names should be kept relatively short. Applications must be approved by the Commissionerís Office for the team to be officially recognized.

Suits that must be worn while playing are still in the testing phase. When testing is completed, they will be made available for sale primarily through shops in the new shopping arcade in Biodome A. There will be different suits available with varied levels of use and price. Further details will be released when the suits are ready for public use.

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