The Sigma Signal

Issue 12
"If it didn’t happen, we’ll report it anyway."

Wedgefreak Revealed Tregina
After months of secrecy, test pilot wedgefreak has finally agreed to be interviewed. Certainly a fixture on Sigma Station, wedgefreak continues to be an enigma. A Wookie from the planet Kashyyk, wedgefreak manifests the fearlessness that characterizes his species, being willing to tackle any test assignment handed to him. He prides himself on his ability as an x-wing pilot; however, he also revels in other activities as well.

He is a self-described "supreme felon and smuggler," and he maintains that he enjoys trying to steal things (as any Station partygoer might remember). He lists his goals for the future as 'getting a popcorn machine in the foyer [of the Great Hall], breaking out of jail and stealing stuff.' He claims to have tried stealing fish from the aquarium, although he was apparently unsuccessful.

When asked if he had any words of wisdom for his fans, he replied, "Uh, don't eye me or I'll whip out my laser pistol." (It should be noted that this interview took place in the bar, and wedge was apparently rather intoxicated at the time.) Wedgefreak is always a gracious host in the bar, ready to buy a round for his friends. Stop by and have a drink with him any time, just keep an eye on your wallet.

Fires Sweep through Sigma Signal Offices Tregina
Electrical fires swept through the news room in the offices of the Sigma Signal last month, destroying computers and computer records and causing extensive smoke damage. The offices themselves were only saved by the new foam fire control system installed by architect barnoid shortly before the disaster struck.

Fortunately, the Signal's files had been backed up to a system outside of the offices, and after extensive repair work and remodeling, the offices are again open and the Signal has resumed publishing. We apologise for the delays in publishing Issue 12, and would like to thank everyone who assisted in getting the Signal computers back online and in getting this issue out.

Blackouts Continue without Explanation
Station Commander duncanj, when asked about recent communication and power blackouts all over Sigma Station and Isis, blamed solar activity, saying, "We all know that solar activity has been at an all-time high recently, possibly something to do with Xylan-based war factions launching waste nuclear material into Zanyck (the sun)." He was quick to add that this was all just "blatant speculation."

Speculations by some observers of Xylian politics have been that Xylan-based factions had directly caused the blackouts themselves or that the rumours were simply a disinformation campaign designed to keep Station security efforts off balance. All Station residents are asked to remain on alert and report any suspicious activities they may observe to a member of the Command Staff.

Thomas Arrested on Suspicion of Insider Trading; Assets Frozen Pending Investigation Tregina
Longtime resident thomas fell conspicuously from the status leader board after being arrested for suspicion of insider stock trading. Although apparently the incident was "a misunderstanding" according to Station officials, his assets continue frozen pending further investigation. Thomas has been unavailable for comment after repeated attempts to contact him.

Station Officials Party Hearty Tregina
Several senior members of the Station command staff and Cygnus Construction were seen shaking their collective booty in the bar last week. While this in itself is nothing unusual, the free flow of alcohol apparently loosened some inhibitions more than usual. Are the rumours that new builder axis wants to be a stripper in the bar true, or was his conversation misheard?

Treasure Hunt Winners Tregina
Congrats to bile, ezili, darkangel, axis, barnoid and jeremy on winning the past month’s treasure hunts.

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