The Sigma Signal

Issue 11
"If it didnt happen, well report it anyway."

Blackouts Remedied Tregina
Sigma Station Commander duncanj reports that the intermittent communications blackouts that have been plaguing the Station have now ceased. He feels this is perhaps because Xylan's orbit has now carried Sigma Station out of the interplanetary plasma conduit that exists between Zanyck and Osiris.

Tickenest Makes First Million! Tregina
Sigma Station resident tickenest, interviewed in this publication 2 months ago, succeeded in making his first million credits in the stock market on Fri., July 18, at 16:38 hours.

Tickenest says it's exciting being Sigma Station's only millionaire, though he says he knows that that will change soon. As far as plans for the money, he says he intends to buy his own mansion, followed by his very own spaceball stadium (take that, duncanj!) Still, he says this in no way means that he will cease to invest in the stock market, saying hes sure it will continue to be his primary moneymaker for years to come.

When asked if he had any gems of wisdom for his adoring fans, he said he would have to charge 500 credits for anyone who would like one. "I didn't get rich giving out lots of advice and happiness for free, you know!" he comments. He also notes that if you happen to see a trail of credits lying around the station, "I'm sure they're mine, so please return them to me ASAP. Thanks!"

Theater Riot Nikj
Recently, two young hooligans visited the theatre to watch the play 'Othello'. They did not enjoy the play and began verbally and physically attacking the performers. This continued until all performers had left the stage. When they left the two members of the audience threw rotten fruit at the actors.

The two riotous youths wish to remain anonymous and so we will respect their privacy and not name them. We will however mention that it is not the first time these two people have been involved in criminal activities.

This has prompted ideas of having an entrance fee, with suggestions ranging between 5 and 25 credits. There has been no official statement from the actors, but we hope to hear their opinions on the matter quite soon.

Stock Market Report Duncanj
Share prices for Biosciences have gone up dramatically recently. Anonymous market analysts predict that the meteoric rise in Biosciences shares cannot last much longer. Concerns are growing that the company is overvalued and that the prices will have to return to more realistic levels sooner or later.

Letters from Readers
From : nikj
Subject : obiwan
Sent at : Sun Jul 06 19:33:47 BST 2003
Where is Obiwan? last seen wondering aimlessly around the station in the early
hours of 29th May, nobody has spotted him since. His disappearance has raised
questions about the level of security around Sigma Station

But where is he? Some believe he may have been kidnapped, others say he is ill,
while there are people saying he is just on holiday. But it has been a long time,
and we are still hoping that he is out there, somewhere.

I will be searching for him, so why don't you.

Sigma Station happenings Tregina
  • We are happy to report that obiwan has in fact been spotted briefly in the corridors of Sigma Station. Hes not sharing where hes been with anyone.

  • Congratulations to bile, nikj, gwendolyn, and mtk1701, all winners of the treasure hunt this past month!

  • Speaking of the treasure hunt, the last treasure hunt ended prematurely when Patrol Robot 4X1Z picked up the hunt item by accident. During his last maintenance check, mechanics found the missing data card stuck on the inside of his front bumper, where it apparently lodged after he ran over it unsuspectingly.

  • The Cygnus Construction Corp. has apparently won the contract to build for tickenest. It is rumoured that a fabulous 40-plus-room mansion is already under construction at an undisclosed location.

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