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Archived News Items

Below are the latest news articles about goings-on in the Alternate Universe MUD.

Server Crash Monday 21st October 2002
It must be Monday. The server crashed at some point over the weekend and all the accounts got corrupted. Hooray for backups! I've merged the accounts that were created inbetween (sorry if things seemed a bit quiet!) and hopefully all should be well again. If there are any problems, let me know.

New Issue of The Sigma Signal Tuesday 8th October 2002
A brand new issue of The Sigma Signal has just been published. In this issue: Information about the new bot in Cuppa Rust, the latest SpaceBall scores, market reports, and the results of an interview with the commander of Sigma Station. Also, if you are in need of a few extra AU credits, check out the job advertisements!

Updates! Sunday 6th October 2002
  1. The CuppaRust menu on Isis has been updated to show the new range of purchasable items.
  2. There is a new command: 'gg' (which stands for 'Gotta Go'). This will send a message to everyone nearby saying that you've unexpectedly got to log off, and then log you off. Wedgefreak, are you reading this? :-)
  3. The 'time' command now shows the local time in several different global timezones.

Connectivity problems Tuesday 1st October 2002
My apologies if you have been unable to connect to Alternate Universe recently - the machine that runs my firewall to the internet kept crashing randomly (often when I was not around to reboot it), so I have done a bit of surgery and hopefully this will now keep Alternate Universe online 24hrs a day.

Update Saturday 21st September 2002
I'm back from holiday and SpaceBall is finally ready for testing. Head for the shopping arcade in Biodome A, on Isis, and buy an official SpaceBall competitor's pass, and a SpaceBall suit. Then arrange to meet up in the MUD with me (duncanj), and I'll take you through the initiation procedure.

In other news, Alternate Universe now supports editable maps, which means that trusted players can begin to build the MUD from the inside. It also means that players could have their own apartments, designed the way they want. Exactly how this will work is not yet clear, however.

Finally, I will be adding some Quests/Missions to Alternate Universe in the near future. Completion of a Quest will result in a reward (e.g. a rare item of some kind, a better title, or money). I would like some suggestions from all you guys and gals out there - if you could keep it to a space-tech theme, that would be best. Please send any ideas to, and really good suggestions will be rewarded in AU credits.

Sigma Signal Updated Saturday 7th September 2002
In a shower of burning electrons, the latest edition of the Sigma Signal has arrived!

Downtime Monday 2nd September 2002
Apologies if you were trying to play over the weekend - I had to take the server down for a while. This is likely to happen occasionally, some weekends, until I find a place to properly host Alternate Universe (preferably at no cost!).

Update Saturday 31st August 2002
New commands added: ut as an alias for 'use terminal', and players to list the names of all the players of Alternate Universe.

A shopping arcade has been added to the Main Hall of Biodome A, Isis. Teams of Construction Droids are working fast to build the shops.

SpaceBall Update Friday 30th August 2002
This is by no means definite, but SpaceBall should be ready for public play in two weeks time (middle of September). Apologies for the delay, I have not had a lot of spare time recently to spend on MUD development.

SpaceBall Progress Thursday 29th August 2002
SpaceBall is nearly ready for the first proper beta-testing. A guide to SpaceBall is now available. Study it closely!

Game status Wednesday 7th August 2002

 Top 10 richest players:

    obiwan                    202638 credits      BetaTester
    barnoid                   134431 credits      BugHunter
    duncanj                   100250 credits      Creator
    wedgefreak                15043 credits       BetaTester
    flame                     13937 credits       Newbie
    redhatman                 5988 credits        500th Player
    aerithe                   5000 credits        BetaTester
    liz                       5000 credits        BetaTester
    zyano                     3660 credits        Explorer
    cater                     2852 credits        Explorer

 Top 10 most active players:

    duncanj                   249 logins          Creator
    obiwan                    161 logins          BetaTester
    barnoid                   158 logins          BugHunter
    wedgefreak                135 logins          BetaTester
    jeremy                    45 logins           Newbie
    tregina                   44 logins           Journalist
    din                       37 logins           Newbie
    flame                     24 logins           Newbie
    drac12                    19 logins           Newbie
    zyano                     18 logins           Explorer

Stock Market Opens! Monday 29th July 2002
The Alternate Universe stock market opened for public trading today at 22:00 (MUD time). Players all over Alternate Universe can now buy and sell shares in a number of companies. Brand new share trading terminals have been installed in all the private living quarters on Sigma Station and will be installed on Isis within the week. The latest up-to-date share prices can be seen on the Mud-Wide-Web at web://stockmarket, and the richest individuals are listed when you type the 'status' command.

Mud-Wide-Web Terminals Tuesday 23rd July 2002
Access to the new Mud-Wide-Web is now being provided, free of charge, via web terminals that are distributed around Sigma Station and Isis. The terminals run the latest copy of the MUDZILLA web browser, and can be found in the following locations:

Sigma Station
  • By the helpdesk
  • The new seating area that has been opened in the Sigma Station bar
  • Cuppa Rust (Isis Terminus)
  • Main Hall (Ground Floor, Biodome A)
The Mud-Wide-Web contains a great deal of information about the game and upcoming events in the MUD, and there may even be a clue or two hidden among its pages..

New section of Alternate Universe opens! Thursday 11th July 2002
Today, at approximately 9pm MUD time, a brief opening ceremony was held in order to celebrate the inauguration of a new section of the MUD.

A transcript of the events was recorded by the Sigma Station Core.

Another shipment reaches Sigma Station. Tuesday 11th June 2002
Another shipment from Xylan arrived for the Bartender of Sigma Station today, containing kegs of Tuskan Beer and all the necessary ingredients to mix Sigma Sunriser cocktails. Prices are shown on the menu, which is on the bar.

Riddler! Thursday 6th June 2002
A shadowy figure has been seen lurking around the floating hydroponic forests of Sigma Station...

Potency of Drinks Increased! Monday 3rd June 2002
After a few comments from disappointedly-sober punters, the bartender of Sigma Station placed an order and received a shipment from Xylan. All drinks are now more potent than before, and the bar is pleased to be able to offer the popular galactic drink 'ginantonix'.

Legal notice: alcoholic drinks must be consumed in moderation. The bartender reserves the right not to serve anyone who appears to have already had one too many. Ill-effects may be experienced, including, but not limited to, temporary loss of direction, visual clarity, and bodily control.

Robots Upgraded! Wednesday 1st May 2002
Late last night, the software controlling all of the Sigma Station robots was upgraded, endowing each of them with a direct communications link to the Core of Sigma Station. One immediate benefit for visitors is that every robot can now check with the Core to see if you have new email, saving potentially wasted trips to and from the public communications room.

Also, a brand new security patrol robot, designated 4X1Z, has been patrolling the corridors of Sigma Station since the end of last week, generally keeping an eye on things. 4X1Z has learned to give rough directions to various areas of the station, so if you are lost looking for somewhere specific, just ask it.

Note: Further upgrades to 4X1Z's language recognition software is scheduled for the near future.

New Communications Terminal In Sigma Station Tuesday 16th April 2002
A shining new stainless-steel communications terminal was unveiled early this morning in the communications room of Sigma Station. The public-access terminal is connected to the Constellation communications network, allowing emails to be sent practically instantaneously to any players across the galaxy.

Note: Minor upgrades to the terminal's software are planned over the next few weeks

Top Explorers Thursday 4th April 2002
The top five most accomplished explorers so far are:
  • serj
  • seraphyn
  • queslin
  • blake
  • naman

Version 0.9 Tuesday 19th March 2002
Version 0.9 of the Alternate Universe MUD was opened for testing today. The upgrade includes several major bugfixes, and improvements to several mapfiles and the way that objects are handled.

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