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About Alternate Universe



This page was written for version 0.9 of the Alternate Universe MUD.

The Alternate Universe MUD grew out of a project to write a generic MUD server in Java. I needed a MUD to test and demonstrate the server, and so Alternate Universe was born.

I have decided to stick to the general philosophy that a player cannot come to harm in the major parts of the MUD - they cannot be killed - so this should encourage new players to play Alternate Universe without elite players hunting them for 'cannon fodder'. :)

Story Background

You start out on the surface of the planet 'Xylan', which is being gradually destroyed by a war over ever-diminishing resources. From there, you should find your way to a space station ("Sigma Station"), which has its own living quarters, grand hall and bar, among other things.

Once you arrive at Sigma Station, you will be able to see and interact with the other players in the game, but not before.
(consider this a small rite of initiation...)


Here is a list of some of the main features of the Alternate Universe MUD.

Flexible Objects
Each object may be used in many different ways by a player, some may be picked up, they may communicate with players and with other objects, they may manipulate other objects immediately or at some time in the future, and they may be combined together to open a door, solve a puzzle, etc.

There are several Bots, or Non-Playing Units in Alternate Universe. These are basically software robots that can roam the environment of the MUD, interacting with objects and players. Sometimes you can buy things from bots, e.g. the bartender in Sigma Station. Bots have the ability to listen to conversations in their immediate surroundings and respond to certain phrases.

Data Persistence
Player accounts and inventories are persistent - they will be saved when the player logs off, or even if the server crashes.

Virtual computer terminals that can be used from inside the MUD. Once such use is the internal MUD email system.

Wealthy players can purchase tickets from ticket terminals and travel on interplanetary spacecraft. Personal spaceflight (i.e. owning and piloting your own spaceship) is planned for the future.

Stock Market
Players can access the Alternate Universe stock market from any of the trading terminals situated around the MUD. Shares can be bought and sold for profit, but the usual warning applies: the value of your portfolio may go down as well as up!

Features under development

Corewars extension
The MUD has an extension that executes tournament games of CoreWars. This feature is not ready for players to use yet - but it will soon be possible to use a terminal within the MUD to interact with the 'core' of a space station. If you win, you will take over the core of that station, and gain special privileges, powers, and items.

It will soon be possible to own a space ship within the MUD, and to fly it to different destinations in space. This will considerably expand the environment of the MUD.

Weapons and Monsters
These will be added to particular areas of the MUD in due course.


Here is a list of most of the current basic commands available in the Alternate Universe MUD. Objects have specific built-in commands which are not listed here, so you might want to try experimenting with object actions (e.g. 'throw brick', 'open door', 'kick ball') where objects are concerned.

These commands are used to move about inside the Alternate Universe MUD. They have one-letter aliases (e.g. 'n','s','e','w','i','o','u','d').

buy object from name
Attempts to purchase the named object from the specified person or bot.
For example: buy drink from bartender

Will prompt the user for their old and new passwords.

do message
Displays a message to all nearby players. For example: do jumps up and down! displays:
-=- duncanj jumps up and down! -=-

drop object
Drops the specified object, if the player is carrying it.

examine object, bot or playername
Gives a more detailled description of the specified object, bot or player. examine self may be used to get a description of yourself. You can examine items in the scene, objects that are nearby, or items that you are carrying.

give player object
Gives the named object to the specified player. You can also give credits to another player by replacing object with a number.

On its own, this command displays the basic help page. You can specify a particular help page (for example 'help commands').

Displays a list of the items that you are carrying. Can be abbreviated to inv.

last playername
Shows the time and date that the specified player was last logged into the MUD.

Displays the general description of the current scene. There is a one letter alias for this command (l).

radio playername message
Sends a radio message to the specified player. This will only work if that player is currently logged in.
For example: radio duncanj Where are you?
The alias for this command is msg.

A big list of the names of all the players of Alternate Universe. To see who is currently playing, type users.

Shows your statistics (e.g. name, wealth, description, etc). A shorter version of this command is ps.

say message
Say the specified message to anyone who might be listening (i.e. is in the same place as you).

selfmorph description
Changes your description to that specified. Be creative!

setgender male or female
Change your player's gender. Other players cannot see this, but the MUD will use it sometimes.

take object
Picks up the specified object, if it is nearby. Typing 'get' instead of 'take' will also work.

Displays the current MUD time. This might be useful for arranging to meet at a specific time and place. The server is located in England.

use object
Try to use an object. Experiment with object-related commands, as they depend on the object.
(special case: use terminal gets typed a lot, and so has the alias ut.)

Shows the list of players that are currently logged in.

who am i
Displays your name, in case you should suddenly forget.

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