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Alternate Universe is a free, futuristic-themed multiplayer text-based adventure game (of a genre which are called MUDs). To find out more about the actual game and how you play it, read the about Alternate Universe page, or check out the FAQ. For more timely information, read What's new in AU, look at the server news or browse the live data sections above.

For open discussion about AU, and the latest news, please visit our facebook group or follow us on Twitter: @au_mud.

To play:

Try our new flash-based terminal! (provided you are not behind a web proxy / corporate firewall)

Windows Users
Click 'Start'..'Run' and type telnet 1063 into the box, then press 'OK'. (or run 'Command Prompt', then type the command above)

Linux/UNIX Users
Type telnet 1063 from the command-line.

The Sigma Signal

Read all about it! News from inside Alternate Universe!

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